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Food & Shakespeare

Oh my god, have you tried the Portabello mushroom & chili tacos that are part of Rubios new gourmet taco menu? Run, don't walk, to the nearest Rubios. Forgive me WW friends but these babies are just too good to pass up. And if you are in North Park/Kensington area don't miss Bleu Boheme, one of my favorite restaurants, and Kensington Vine, for wine & small bites. The duck salad at La Vache in Hillcrest is also outstanding, and the moussaka at Georgia's Greek in the Sports Arena area is some of the best I've had. The macaroni salad at Kehelani's in Encinitas is worth the drive, and beef machaca at La Especiale Norte in Leucadia is worth a look. Visited the bird house grill in Leucadia, just south of Marcheta cross street, and their hummus is outstanding, very garlicy. I had the special plate with 3 skewers, way too much food for me, but they also offer a seasoning of powered sumac which adds another dimension of flavor. They only take cash, and you can brin

More Picks & Thoughts

I recorded the opening ceremonies for the Olympics since I wasn't home on Friday nite, and finally watched it on Sunday afternoon. In the lead in to the ceremonies, they showed a clip of the head of the olympic committee, when they announced that Beijing was going to be the site of these summer olympics. When they showed the clip I actually got a little emotional, and it took me back to the night (actually 4am) that they announced Sydney Australia would be the site for the 2000 Olympics. We had all been waiting and I was telling everyone we had it in the bag because Sydney's zip code is 2000 and it was a sign. I'm not absolutely sure of the year but it was around 1992 or so, because I was living in Sydney then, and the announcement came on a Friday early morning and I had to go to work. I had been out with friends and came home pretty late. Around 3am I heard my roommate, a jazz promoter (see australian jazz agency) Leslie come in (our schedules worked perfectly for r

Must love dogs & good food

Hello Welcome to my first attempt at a blog. I'm single, have traveled to 22 countries, have 2 dogs and work full time. I'm tall (6'1-1/2"), medium build, intelligent, 57 (have been told I look at least 10-15 years younger- and I am sure I am), light brown hair with a pretty confident personality. I love to garden, cook, eat, travel, spend time with dogs, friends, and new acquaintances. I've been told often that I lead an interesting life, and go to interesting places that others want to hear about, so i'm going to give this a shot, and hopefully will find new friends, and connect some people who really need to know me, and each other. Oh by the way, I am a female, heterosexual dynamo. So here's a review of my last week. Last night I took a cooking class at Kitchen Witch in Encinitas with Arlyn Hackett. It was a class on Summer Tapas & Wine dinners. I don't think I've ever taken a class with him before although he does look famil