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Chileco Social 3 21 10 at Catalina Offshore \ i am really not sure if i posted this before i left i have a memory problem due to Matua Valley Savignon Blanc and an art and champagne auction.  But if you watch real close you'll see me welcoming everyone in my water sari outfit with a mic!  This was fantastic! and Chef Scotty let me do the welcome!

First Day at Sea as of 5:40pm Med Time

Monday 3/29 I know, i know.  Lost a couple days, but i'll get back to them.  Dinner last nite, even before we left the port, filet mignon with pepper sauce au poivre, lobster bisque, creamed spinach, asparagus and a 1/2 bottle of wine.  Oh, and a guinness while we waited for retaurant to open.  Sunday 3/28 Embarkation Day Norwegian Jade, Barcelona- My cabinmate Sara and I needed protein (meat) the last morning which turned out to be Palm Sunday and the start of daylight savings time (who knew?)- and remember we got in at 3amish in the morning, and were to be packed up, checked out, and on the bus to the port by noon.  So i woke up at what i thought was 9:30 took a shower, got dressed , packed up then woke Sarah up to she could go to breakfast if she chose, and to make sure she didn't miss the bus.  She had just arrived on 3/27 checked in , had lunch, took a shower, when we went out for our big nite, so she was a little groggy.  She decided to join me at breakfast, pulled on

Yes She is still alive !

Got in Saturday nite around 3am.  Yes you want to hear the story, but i'm too tired to write about it right now.  Having too much fun.  Had an amazing meal, went to 3  no 4 other places including a smokey bar with  a male Rhianna  lookalike in a body suit, mini skirt, wig, fur crop top on stage, along with a guy who looked like he worked at Office Depot. That was the last stop.  Getting along famously with my shipmate.  Too much fun.  Love the Cava. later

The Adventure begins Rev 1

WARNING:  If grammatical errors, and spelling mishaps upset you do not go further.  This is a real adventure on the road, and I'm having far too much fun to care.  Later!  S 11/09 and I’ve decided to go on my first cruise, but only because it is time for someone to notice if I’m wandering around a foreign country on my own ,particularly if I get hurt of go missing . The last few years I have spent Christmas week at  , a gorgeous magical destination spa in Tecate Mexico that was founded in 1940 and recently opened a cooking school. I love the place and have friends from around the world that go there the same week every year. "THE RANCH" YEAH! I’m a little apprehensive because I am used to traveling, and living on my own (with dogs) and the occasional visitor. A long term acquaintance, who I’m sure I’ll consider a friend after this trip, owns  in La Mesa, and every year does her “Phyllis” trips with a group o

Comments from People about my first little story Passion

After writing a story about my first time visiting the San Diego Horticultural Society, and then  adding a little anecdote about  the most interesting gardener/writer/artist that I have been fortunate enough to have pass through my life, who has a magical garden and is a wonderful speaker, I was thrilled when she asked if she could put it on her blog, with an edit of only one paragraph.  I am honored she liked it, and that I had so many positive comments about my latest passion - writing- from everyone I sent the link too.  Thanks to all of you for your encouragement!  Hey, Sharon--Your essay was so good that you put me in the audience right along with the other die-hards. I have a degree in English and for sure I could not have said it as well as you and so delightfully. Isn't that the key?? You know, say what you mean and get the reader to know and believe what you convey. Plus, there's humor which is so important since it transported me to Del Mar!  The flowers you sent ho

Feeding Our Passion for Plants

I am honored that one of my favorite gardeners saw fit to publish my little story on her blog, with only one paragraph edited.  Take a look!  I'm vey appreciative and glad that my friends who have visited have given me some great compliments on my writing voice.  Enjoy!