Comments from People about my first little story Passion

After writing a story about my first time visiting the San Diego Horticultural Society, and then  adding a little anecdote about  the most interesting gardener/writer/artist that I have been fortunate enough to have pass through my life, who has a magical garden and is a wonderful speaker, I was thrilled when she asked if she could put it on her blog, with an edit of only one paragraph.  I am honored she liked it, and that I had so many positive comments about my latest passion - writing- from everyone I sent the link too.  Thanks to all of you for your encouragement! 

Hey, Sharon--Your essay was so good that you put me in the audience right along with the other die-hards. I have a degree in English and for sure I could not have said it as well as you and so delightfully. Isn't that the key?? You know, say what you mean and get the reader to know and believe what you convey. Plus, there's humor which is so important since it transported me to Del Mar!  The flowers you sent home with us continue to brag on themselves.....such show-offs. We're enjoying them so much. Best regards, P.S. We have a passion flower plant, but it hasn't bloomed yet. KK  San Marcos

Sharon: Wow ... awesome writing. It is obvious Pat (a living legend) was pleased with it. I am nursing a cold right now, but let's get together in a week or so and catch up. The Phoenix Heard Museum show was phenomenal. Let's talk soon— MH Encinitas

Wow good story and to have pat appreciate it must have been thrilling. Wow! Congrats! LO, Garden Grove

Well written! Good story! Thanks! BK, La Mesa

Hi Sharon - Must have been a very fun day. You really should go to Costa Rica and wander among the prolific exquisite flowers of the rain forest. It makes even our most lush gardens look like the dead zone. It is silent here even on a good day compared to the cacophany of the birds and insects there. A "passion for life?" Sounds like a "budding" vegan to me! I am going to Costa Rica April 9 to 19. When I get back, it seems so silent and dead to me here. There is nothing like the living, crawling, blooming, vibrant, rain forest. Oh, did I forget "biting?" The noseeums have a party when non-locals arrive. They don't bite the locals but you can always tell a tourist because of the bitten and scratched up legs. Let's meet for a drink sometime soon.SB , Encinitas

I liked your article. HJ, Oceanside

Sharon: I really enjoyed your story and you know my passion for Lavender Cottage’s garden – it gives me such pleasure. You must be nearly ready for your trip to Spain? Have a great time and I will look forward to a story on your travels when you return. You do keep busy! JW, Balmain NSW, Australia

thanks for sharing your toils; writing is sensory and picking the RIGHT words infuse us. Shall we travel to dine on Sun. together? LW, Oceanside

Good story and nice compliment, congratulations! TG, Chula Vista

Hi Sharon, Thanks for sharing that. What a great little story. You have a natural knack for writing and I had such good visuals while reading it. Maybe you should submit it to one of the Newspapers, I think it was very interesting, funny and enjoyable! Keep it up as you are really good! BR, Carlsbad

good stuff.DS, Ocean Beach

Congrats Sharon! As a writer, gardener--and particularly an orchid fetishist--I enjoyed it! CR, Encinitas

That is SO awesome, Sharon! LOVE IT! Looking forward to this Sunday! CS,

That is very cool. I enjoyed reading your article – a budding writer. I’ll be looking for more from your trip. Have fun. BR, Scripps Ranch

Congratulations Sharon! It is written in such an exciting voice - a delightful read! I am so proud of you and how you have gained confidence and received acknowledgment of your great gift of language. Will you please send me the website? The last two nights J's made me take hot steaming showers in the middle of the night to aid my breathing. I reached the tipping point on this thing night before last and am now dealing with, as he delicately puts it, the rotor-rooting of my sinuses. I have been reduced to watching terrible netflix chick flicks on my computer and have read no less than 4 Studs Terkel books in 3 days. sigh. It's so wise of you to take your little notebook computer on your trip and write every single day. You'll experience a million things through your senses and know how to translate that onto "paper". Make lots of triggering notes, record your responses to mundane and sensational things. This way we will all be able to enjoy your experiences as if we were traveling along with you, the little mouse in the corner (of your computer). I was seriously considering asking you to take a few of my bucks with you to pick up something interesting in jewelry or textile. I like your taste and it would be fun. Is that a burden? You will be going to places I have only dreamed of and will likely never get to in person. And of course you plan to take lots and lots of photos, right? I'm thinking only $20 to $40. Again, congratulations. You did a great job writing this and to immediately get the recognition for it is excellent. See you on Sunday. MP , Cardiff

Very cool! Very nice Sharon. DW, La Costa

This is wonderful! DH

What a great read, Sharon! You really have a talent for writing!! I loved it! CA, La Costa

Well done! You are published! CB, Vancouver BC


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