Just a bit more April 8, 2010 9:35pm Norwegian Jade en route to Barcelona

We got some waves tonite.  We got some lightning.  Didn't someone say there was a giant wave that hit a cruise ship near barcelona recently.  Better not screw up my trip to Marrakech, or my dog reunion a week from Saturday.

Some of my group asked me to join them for dinner, and we had great travel chats.  One woman who is here with her teenage daughter got separated from her almost the moment they hit barcelona.  They decided to take take the underground into the city from the airport, and her daughter got on one train and couldn't get off leaving mom at the station.  This was the daughters first European trip.  The daughter got off at next station and was helped by strangers, and the mom had the same experience at the first station, mom was escorted to the daughter by a guard with a dog, and they have a styory to tell for the rest of their lives.  Travel is always crazy , unexpected things always happen.  Living in the moment is what it is all about.

I had lots of dreams last night, and dreamed about falling down, scared the heck out of me and woke me up.  Haven't even tripped and hope not to do it at all this trip!  Tomorrow is going to be grueling hauling luggage off the boat into a cab to the hotel, then catching another cab with my backpack to the airport, flight to casablanca, another flight to marrakech.  I'll be at the riad tomorrow this time, listening to new sounds and new smells in an exotic foreign land.  Yeah Sharon.  a fortunate life.

Well i still have 15 more minutes of time to use it that i won't get credit for.  Guess i'll see what the rest of the world has been up to on facebook.



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