Out of Cash Out of Town Rev 1

This was the last bank where he had an account. His credit cards were maxed out, and his mortgage company had frozen his line of credit. His only assets were in a jar on his dresser- change and tips from his last job- probably $100 at most.

 He turned his back on the ATM which had refused his advances. He focused on going somewhere, anywhere where he might find a solution to his current dilemma.

A truck screeched to a halt barely missing him. The driver, an older man with 40 years experience slumped over the steering wheel.

A small boy on the opposite side of the street ran up to the truck door and attempted to open it but couldn’t reach the handle. He dropped back to the ground and tried to get the attention of the young guy who had just left the ATM across the street. The guy ignored him and continued walking as if he hadn’t heard the boy's cry for help.

A teenage girl came jogging up the street, running in place and distracted by the music on her iPod, waiting for the signal to turn green. The boy jumped up and down waving his arms and trying to get her attention. The man in the truck was very still.

From the corner the girl became vaguely aware of the commotion the young boy was making but then was distracted by the lecture she was listening to and withdrew into an audio world,  starting to move across the street only as the light turned green.

The boy became very agitated and decided to try a risky move, one that his mother would most likely beat him for when he returned home, and the story of the day was in the news.

He didn’t care at this point and darted out in front of oncoming traffic as several cars and another large truck slammed on their brakes and stopped just short of where he stood with his arms outstretched and a desperate look in his eyes.

A guy in his 30s just got off work and was the 2nd car behind the stalled truck. He worked retail and was looking forward to a big night on the town with his girlfriend to celebrate their one month anniversary. He had just got his license back after losing it for more than a year for reckless driving,

©2010 Sharon J Corrigan


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