Sorting Mail Rev 1

How in the world did I get so fat, he thought as the alarm went off across the room. He rolled off the bed disturbing his cat who had been contentedly snoozing on the pillow next to him.

He waddled into the bathroom, sorry again that he was not paying attention when he rented this apartment and didn’t notice that there was only a bathtub and no shower.

Running late again. Sagging under his weight, the Plexiglas bathtub made a cracking sound as he sat on the edge of the tub. This is going to cost me when I move out. I’ll probably lose my deposit. He looked around for the soap and remembered he had used up the last of it yesterday- and that he had no clean towels. He grabbed a damp musty towel from the corner of the floor and patted the mildew smell all over this body.

My allergies are acting up- I wonder why he thought as he headed back into the bedroom. He slipped into the underwear and shorts he wore yesterday, and pulled on a clean tee shirt from the closet.

I hope Sally made cupcakes. , he mused as he headed for the train. I forgot to make lunch again so I guess that means Doritos and nachos from the 7-11 on the corner. Maybe some of those donuts and a slurpy for breakfast? I am so hungry.

Stepping on the train he noticed that there was nowhere to sit and realized that he was going to have to stand up for the entire 45 minute trip even the aisles were packed. He glanced nervously around him for a hand rail so he wouldn’t bump into the people around him and have to ignore the disgusted looks along with their aggression so early in the day.

At his stop the doors slid open and he let the crowd flow around him onto the platform. Stepping carefully down from the train he found that his left foot landed in a pool of some foul smelling liquid which splashed up onto his shoes and shorts. Thank goodness I didn’t wear socks today.

Wading across Atlantic Avenue towards the post office, he remembered that he hadn’t eaten and reversed direction to try to get something at the mini mart to survive until break time. Glancing at his watch he stopped short and made his way through the employee entrance. His time card slid into the slot and heard the click as it engaged.

©SharonJCorrigan 2010


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