Fixing the Garage Door

My garage door decided to be difficult. I just returned home after taking the dogs to the dog park, so they could get their ya ya's out and sleep when we get home to give me a bit of peace. It opened fine, I stopped the car part way in the garage, to unload the dogs, then saw my neighbor and their darling bulldog, so we walked down the garage alley to let the dogs say hi.  Returning to the car, I took the plants out of the back and put them on the patio.  I made sure the dogs were inside, and went back out to the car to run to Costco to fill up my tank.  I hit the remote, and ..........nothing.

I checked the sensors, they were fine.  I pulled on the cord and was able to open and close it manually, but when i hit the remote or the button on the wall, all I hear is the engine idling.  
Then i try pulling it down from outside.  I close it all the way, then can't get it open.  I try my "keypad"- a brilliant idea for anyone who has to walk a dog and doesn't want to carry keys with you.  But, and this has happened before, if the battery goes out, you better have a key hidden somewhere on the property, or you'll get stuck outside, sitting in your front yard, at 5:00am in the morning, wearing only a tee and your undies.

Even if your neighbor has a key, are you going over there at that time of the morning?  and half dressed, and not underwear you want to share with the neighborhood. The last time this happened I made sure to hide a key and a battery outside,  but couldn't remember if I put a key back outside since I returned from my trip last month.  I haven't even put the suitcase back in the garage yet.  At least it's daylight and everyone is outside.  I do have my car keys and phone.

I walk around and check my latest hiding place, and yeah!  I did remember to hide the key again.  I let myself in, the dogs are thrilled to see me, since I only closed the garage door moments ago.  I pull down the ladder from its hook on the wall, set it up under the garage opening equipment and push a button I see inside. Maybe it's a reset button.  I hit the remote again and ....nothing.

Then I remembered.  Reaching back into the homeowners file that I keep tucked into a corner of my brain, this has happened before.  I called the garage door guy, and he told me what to do over the phone. 

WD40, the homeowners friend. 

I got up back up on the ladder and sprayed that stuff all over everything the door rides on.  IT WORKED!  I fixed it. Of course, I did stick my finger in the grease and now it's stuck under two fingernails. Real nice for the social I'm attending tonight  Perhaps I should wear gloves?

Now, before i forget, I'm heading out for that can of WD40 again, and spraying all my door locks and the locks outside.  I suggest everyone do the same thing right now. It'll save you lots of frustration and wasted time. Really!

©2010 SharonJCorrigan


prettybaby341 said…
This is so funny. Your timing is great, Sharon, and your uh. oh. moments well done. Bueno! Bueno!

Now we all know the Magic Gift to bring any Hostess...
Zayden Wood said…
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