The Perfect Job Rev 1

Un-frigging-believable. Somehow I have manifested that perfect job- dreamed of decades ago.
They were going to pay me to do research on their client’s interests and I am to escort same clients on their voyages around the world, and almost the best part my dogs are invited too!

I would be staying at five star hotels, and even in the middle of the most remote places on earth, I will be safe, well fed, and well dressed with interesting companions and playthings, fascinating conversations, and a lot of masculine adulation, but not from the clients I am escorting, they are all much older women who love to travel, have the time and the money, but are too scared to go on their own,.

They wake up late, and go to bed early. They treat me with respect, and give me unlimited spending money. They pay for the freight to ship my unique treasure home. They love hearing stories about my adventures after dark, and are especially appreciative when I arrive back at the hotel, or the villa, or the estate after they have had their breakfast with eye makeup smudged, odd creases in my clothing and a vaguely sweaty smell clinging to my skin.

Today we leave this beautiful little town in the South of France where movie stars use to hang in the 60's. It’s a bit shabbier now but there are still touches of glamour around the edges, and the taste of old money still lingers in the air.

My current charge is named Kaz, short for Karen, and she is from New Zealand. She has blonde hair that reflects the trauma of years of abuse. But by high end stylists, so it's still shiny but it's starting to look like a cap instead of a good haircut

She dresses in animal print fabrics with the touch of khaki, sort of a safari look. She wears a heavy gold and diamond leopard necklace, over sized and a little bit garish, but obviously solid and real. Her late husband owned a top restaurant for 3 decades in the city and they were major philanthropists known throughout that part of the world.

©Sharon J Corrigan 2010


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