Sexy is Ageless Rev 1

Thelma was excited, but she had to keep it to herself. It was the week before her 60th wedding anniversary and all the kids and their grown families were in town. It was difficult to slip out of the house without one of them wanting to tag along. Her staff was used to these odd journeys, and had learned long ago to keep their thoughts to themselves, and to never discuss what they saw in Thelma’s rooms with anyone, let alone each other.

Thelma’s husband had passed six months ago after an extended illness. During the past ten years she had taken comfort in the arms of strangers met at the bridge club, when she meets friends at lunch by the harbor, and even once or twice in a hotel bar in a neighboring town when she was able to slip out of the house unnoticed.

She worried sometimes that she would be discovered and her errand this day revolved around a man she was seeing who she had met through Craig’s list. Thelma had always been the good wife, quiet and charming and this new beau, Buddy, took her places she never imagined.

Walking into Budding Babes in metro Los Angeles near the garment district, she was a little embarrassed, hoping that no one she knew would catch her walking through the doors under the neon signs.

Her entourage settled into the dressing area which was lined with mirrors, and oddly enough, all sorts of costumes including the most extensive inventory of bondage gear she had ever seen. Her intention on this day was to take a couple of cheesecake shots in her new lingerie from Paris, to surprise him at the end of the party planned to celebrate her children’s late father and her 60 years together.

She had no intention, when she left the house tonight, of doing the kind of shots she was now seriously considering, but, what the heck, only Buddy would see them, and she could already see his face as he opened the envelope.

The kids loved Buddy- he was like the perfect uncle they never had. A real joker, outgoing and inquisitive and he was the first man that had been able to keep up with her for years. His fantasy of being dominated was easy for her to fulfill. She had ached for some sort of control over her life during her husband’s illness and the role fed that need.

Stepping onto the set in front of the camera, wearing nothing but leather and zippers- with an odd batman-like head covering part of her face, made her feel powerful. In stark contrast, she decided to hold a bible in one hand and a small Maltese puppy in the other with her arms extended beseechingly towards the camera.

She had let Jojo, her makeup man, be creative with her lips and they were covered thickly with dark black lipstick. False nails covered her chewed up fingers with vibrant red polish- and her 7” red patent leather platform shoes forced her to arch her back, pushing her captive breasts towards the lens, and giving her gluts a workout.

She wasn’t sure if she should smile for the camera- if that would be too much. Perhaps take a few shots in different poses and maybe a few costumes, and then she could choose.

Teetering back to the dressing room again, she laughed at herself thinking how silly it was to change behind the curtains in a studio like this.

Stripping down again, she chose a “Fredericks of Hollywood” lace gown- fire engine red- with a black g-string and bra peeking through the gaps in the lace. She considered the accessories available and selected an oversized machete with a highly polished enameled handle.

Perhaps this could be a shot holding the knife with both hands behind her with her upper torso twisted to face the camera………

.©2010 Sharon J Corrigan


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