Flying Away Rev 1

I have to be in Houston by noon tomorrow she thought. Better book a seat- so I know if I have to leave tonight. She grabbed her coffee and headed inside to the spare room where the computer was. We have to get wireless installed she mused silently to herself for the hundredth time (at least).

Working as a flight attendant since the days when they were called stewardesses she had her life down to a structured routine. She bid for jobs that took her on the road from Sunday to Wednesday if possible because her husband worked retail and had Thursday and Friday off. She also liked lunching with friends in LA or San Diego on Saturdays after her morning yoga class and the farmers market.

She pushed the power button and heard the familiar tune as the computer woke up from a night of rest. Quickly opening the browser the flight schedules appeared on her home page and she saw with dismay that all of tomorrows early flights were fully booked and she would have to hustle to make one this afternoon. Is my uniform pressed? She thought.

It had been a busy few days with dinners out and a concert at Humphrey’s – a band from the early 80s. She’d also had a bit too much wine on Friday night so she was moving a little slower this morning despite her best efforts. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as she remembered planning to leave on a moments notice almost subconsciously when she got back from her last trip on Wednesday night.

God I’m exhausted she thought and my hair needs a trim. No time to do that, she said to herself as she pulled her bag out of the closet. So many years of making this same trip made packing a breeze. She grabbed her toiletries bag, a couple pairs of underwear, her running shoes, bathing suit and her workout gear, and tossed them into the bag. A quick trip down the hall to the bathroom where she checked her makeup and then quickly down the stairs to the garage and into the car.

It really is a pain to have to wear a uniform when she wasn’t on duty, but at least she didn’t have to pay for the flight. Merging onto the 15 south she exited at Friars Road and sped quickly past the stadium to the center where her husband works managing a furniture store. She pulled up in front and opened the door to the store, seeing that he was with customers – and caught his eye as she dropped the car keys on the sales desk, and then headed back towards the door, blowing him a kiss on her way.

He smiled with affection and excused himself, walking rapidly towards her and giving her a big kiss and asked where you headed? Caracas she answered smiled at him and left the store. Grabbing her flight bag out of the car, she made sure the door was locked and headed for the trolley station. Fortunately this time of day the trolley ran every 15 minutes and when she got to the train depot, she hopped on the airport express bus right away- getting to the plane with 15 minutes to spare.

©2010 sharonjcorrigan


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