The Pool Boy Rev 2

She was lying by the pool, marinating head to toe in Coppertone, her sticky thighs splattered and glued to the vinyl ribs of the lounge chair as the elastic in her bikini bottoms snapped, sagged, and slipped through the cracks. On her back, her saggy tired breasts looked like balloons slowly deflating, and a quick dip in the pool had left her hair frizzing up like Ike Turner in suspenders. The sand invading the pathway to the pool left a gritty mess on the top steps at the shallow end. Her makeup was running, leaving ochre smudges on the white towels the pool boys carelessly tossed at the guests as they scurried back and forth like bait on a hook. The slurping sound of bodies sliding into water was accompanied by the sound of the bartender starting yet another daiquiri- ice clinking violently against the walls of the blender, sliced by the whirling metal blades.

I, finished off the last of the rum, scattering tiny red umbrellas, and watched as the tropical breeze sent them spinning round and round in a hypnotic dance.

Another towel Troy, I demanded as my favorite pool boy passed. I saw him glance at the 3 empty glasses and wince slightly. How dare he judge me, I thought to myself. Troy, Troy, I need it NOW!

He hurried away, pretending not to hear, and in his haste stepped right on top of one of the umbrellas, piercing his foot and causing him to shriek like a girl. He went down hard, landing on his kneecap, and she heard another yelp. Holy Buddha he screamed, tears streaming down his bronzed cheeks.

I flopped over onto my stomach, stopping mid way to tug at my bikini, one side then the other, so I wasn’t hanging out. I would give him 5 minutes to recover or I’d call the captain about his attitude. I need another drink too, and it’s just too hot.

3 minutes. 2 minutes, one, and he’s on his feet, one of those adoring young girls splashing water on his face, and handing him a stack of towels from the tray nearby.

Miss Julie, here your fresh towel . Would you like another drink? She hoisted her shoulders off the lounge and twisted her body to face him, her sun scarred breasts rolling back and forth inside the tiny top. Her face was red and blotchy and creased from lying on her stomach. From this angle the loose skin on her belly looked like an abandoned air mattress. He noticed that one of her eyebrows was funny, missing the part on the outside that usually swooped down, but he tried not to stare.

Julie felt a little disoriented as she attempted to open her eyes, and focus through the haze created by the sun and the rum. She started to respond, then her eyes rolled back and her arms gave way. Troy heard her skull hit the metal frame and he dropped to his knees,trying to catch the attention of one of the servers. When he turned back around, she was rapidly losing color and her breathing was irregular. He grabbed a pitcher of ice water from the sideboard and poured it over her head in a futile attempt to rouse her. Her body arched backwards in shock, sending her rolling partway off the lounge, still unconscious in a very odd position, and he began to panic.

©2010 sharonjcorrigan


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