Sleeping with Dogs Rev 1

Sleeping with dogs begins when you are quietly reading or watching TV or paying your bills and they are sprawled out nearby legs in the air, sometimes running in place or twitching, and making funny little sounds. Then in an instant they smell another dog outside, or a bird, or a rabbit and they are on their feet in full protective mode, racing from one end of the house to another, barking barking barking.

Moments later they are back in their spot snoozing away.

At my home 8:00 is bed time. Just like the alarm in the morning, my dogs know how to read clocks and they let me know when it is time. Daylight savings and other time changes throw them off by an hour either way, and sometimes they just feel like playing in the middle of the night for no reason I can figure.

So I’m sitting calmly and have two dogs sitting right in front of me, searching my face, and letting me know it’s time to turn off the computer or the TV and head for the bedroom. If I choose to ignore them, they will take turns jumping onto the couch, and onto my lap, or using their noses to disrupt my writing or to try to get me to stand up.

They use a similar technique to get me to let them out to pee, to remind me if I haven’t fed them, or when it’s time to refill the water bowl. The little one is especially good at the pee thing, and if I got up and let her out, she would go outside instead of the pads I have set up in the garage.

So I turn off the TV, pick up my cell phone, plug in my net book to charge, turn off the lights and head into the bedroom, first the small bedroom light, then the hallway light, then the bedside lamp.

I have to immediately position the two pillows in the center if I plan to watch TV, and get the remote within arm’s length. The minute I slide under the cover, they are both leaping onto the bed and heading towards me to be petted. Joey likes to have his back scratched, back hear his tail. Pumpkyn loves to have her little nippies petted softly. They both go into a trancelike state when I do this right. Eventually they are ready to settle down, and usually try to get as close as they can to me on top of the covers, one on each side, near my feet. My feet are trapped, and I can’t turn over so I have to move one near the top of the bed and one near the bottom and lay diagonally.

©2010 sharonjcorrigan


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