The Bitch Rev 2

I love attending gardening workshops. Learning all the quirky little things about growing a perfect rose, or remounting stag horns from people with passion, or to be more precise, an obsession.

It was mid way through the day when I spotted a friend over at the plant sale, another reason these day long workshops are so fun. Great deals from people’s back yard cuttings or specialty nurseries.

I called called out “hey, Sarah” and she looked up and smiled. I headed in her direction through the narrow aisles. I was maybe six feet away when I saw another woman, who I will call Jessie, that I don’t particularly like. As I continued walking Jessie met my eves then turned her back and blocked the pathway with her cart- diverting dozens of people including me into a different section of the maze. The look she gave was so unexpected and so mean it took my breath away. Fuck it, I thought to myself, and headed back towards the entrance and out to my car. 

There was still over 45 minutes till the start of the new workshop and this simple encounter had totally ruined my day, and killed my good mood. I turned over the engine and backed out- so upset I almost nailed a bridal party, in full gear, that had just arrived for a ceremony on the bay. The box lunch I had tossed onto the back was sitting open on the seat. The sandwich had quickly become soggy and the brownie looked like a blobby mud bath, slowly melting in the thermal hot box my car had become after sitting in the lot. I hit the switch for the air conditioner and waited for the wave of cool air.

©2010 sharonjcorrigan


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