Last Day San Miguel de Allende

Really meant to keep up with this, but the minutes turned into hours turned into days turned into margaritas or art workshops or eating or shopping and here i am for the first time sitting still for an hour or so on the last of the battery.  I am totally spacey, yesterday took off my shoes in my room at lunch, and when i went back to the workshop i was wearing one tiva and one ecco sandal, and they don't even look alike.  I spent the whole week with these women but still couldn't keep their names straight.  Re hid my passport a million times and fortunately found it a million times.  Playing with the little white cockapoodle or whatever they call it that lives here.  The art we all created was amazing.  We all got along with only a few whines.
Age range I'd say 50 something to 80 something.  I never got sick although a few did -  I have a pretty strong constitution.  Had rose petal ice cream, had walnut soup with chipotle, a seabass in a giant mocajete (i think that's what it is called) with a pineapple orange bubbling broth, great bread, tortillas.  My first night i got some sort of steak dish that was excellent.  My first margarita was so weak when the waiter asked me if I wanted another, I told him "with tequila this time" ha.  The bubbling thing was at Ten Ten Pie , night before last at Bouganvilla and had carnitas tacos, some spicy vermacelli, and shared a salad. We had dinner last night at Casa Luna, and we did a flash mob dance in the dark and candlelight to live Mariachi's La Bamba- we looked like a bunch of witches in the dark at Mi Casa in the Art Allende Building.  The view of the cathedral lit up was spectacular!  One of the San Diego artist guys Joseph is a hyponotherapist and also does past life regressions.  I was going to do it ($100 US for 2-1/2 hours) but my rattlesnake earrings took a bit of my spare change , but one woman did do it and said it was wonderful and interesting.  His partner Eli is a love and teaches spanish here to foreign residents -  we saw them in town on shrine night and they came last night to our show and tell.  Cool guys from San Diego. The shoes I brought were perfect on the cobblestone streets. On Palm Sunday i wore my hiking boots, and since we did the marathon walking day, they were perfect.  I've traded off between my cute Eccos and my old Tivas (or is it Tevas), anyway, I haven't fallen or done much damage to my body, other than scraping myself on the hinge of the old dresser my first night. My tetnus shots are up to date, so i don't worry.  My gel nails held up pretty well also considering the paint, glue, resin, watercolor, etc we were playing with all week. Our breakfasts at Casa Luna were different each day- always fruit and cereal and bread, tortilla s and good coffee, fresh squeeze OJ.  Entrees  varied from pancakes, to stratas, to spinach quiche, to scrambled eggs, to chilequiles and beans with cheese.  The lunch at Diane's rancho was as grand as the residence-  cucumber mint tea, gazpacho, black bean chilie, great bread, salad greens with nopalito salad, freshly made beet chips, flan, lemon bars, brownies.  Tour of organic gardens.  What I loved about this place is everyone has dogs and they all are rescues and everyone is so proud of the fact they are rescues.  Cats too, but mostly dogs.  The group has renamed Montezumas Revenge to Tres Leches Spa because of a cake that was served at dinner to some of us last night


Maureen said…
A vivid capture on so many levels. I experienced it vicariously- you wrote quite effectively. Thanks, Sharon!

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