San Miguel -the last few days

I've lost all track of time, and my iphone by the way.  I've spent the days making art mosaics painting making books, shopping eating talking.  We went to visit artist's home-  Joseph and Eli and playing with dolls, Anato and his husbands amazing mosaic rancho using recycled glass and natural matrials.  I've bought rattlesnake rattle and turquoise earrings, and a beautiful tied stone necklace from Anato. We followed the procession on Palm Sunday through the Streets of San Miguel, went to visit the Unesco site At Antonico (sp), had amazing meals.  I've lost all sorts of things, mostly on the properties where we are staying. I had dinner one night with an older man Joseph, last name to come, his wife, her sister and friend from North County San Diego who I'd imagine is in his 80s from Oklahoma, who is a sailor, a sculptor a jeweler, and has a beautiful home ful of vintage items imported from the states.  It's been hot and humid and I gave up wearing makeup after the first day.  Most of us did.  Pretty amazing group of women, for the most part getting along, although most of us are pretty outspoken and a little bit cranky at some time of the day. Today is the last day and I feel like most of it has been in a fog.  Maybe it's the excess of Margaritas Salt and guacamole.  Dinners on the town have been really outstanding.  I'll have to devote an entire listing to the food alone.  The place we are staying is magical and colorful and centuries old.  The plumbing is so ancient we fan't put toilet paper in it, instead using a trash can.  The courtyard at the main property is full of palms, vines, suculents, ferns, , graqmed Mexical decorative textiles, wooden furniture, clay tile of stone floors, arched colunmns surrounding open patios.  Like the food I'll have to devote a post just to each of the classes, and my thoughts and excitement at each stage of the creation of the many things we did, six hours a day.  It is the last full day, tomorrow it's back to the airport and I'll be home with my dogs by tomorrow night. 


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