Arriving in San Miguel Rev 1

So we all made it on the flight to Leon.  Small plane, not sure how many hours in the air but not too bad. Taxiing runway, rain on the ground, lots of chatter about raincoats and umbrellas.  The plane touches down and we head down the stairs, a short walk in the drizzle into the customs building.  We all got our bags, and introduced each other while waiting to go through the x-ray machine and the suspicious search lines.  Step up one at a time, hit the button, will it be red and I'll have to open my suitcase or do I get the green light and get to shoot right through to the line to the outdoors where the smokers are.  Fortunately not many, easy to get away from.  I stand outside, already realizing that I should've thought "Aussie" clothes vs San Diego clothes because it is really humid. Everyone makes it through customs without incident and we pile our luggage and our stuff into two vans for the ride to San Miguel, windy roads for about 1-1/2 hours.

The countryside reminds me of Morocco, and the old buildings with hand painted signs are picturesque.  Two horses stand in a field with two cranes.  Someone mentioned the cranes are probably eating the flies off the horses.  It was cool to see.  Dogs everywhere, smiling at us as we pass. We arrive at San Miguel and see a giant bridge, with a large bronze statue of de Allende, we can see the cathedral, not the main one, but the other one. I ask the guide what they grow i the area and he thinks it's alfalfa, water is a problem he says.  We pass through a small town and see the sign to Antonitico, and we turn in the opposite direction.

Through narrow colorful buildings with amazing carved doors and iron work, we stop in front of a wall with a door and doorbell and the drivers begin unloading our luggage.  The doors open and we are in the first of 3 outdoor rooms divided by gates.  Some of us are staying here, some.


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