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Love the Second Time Rev 1

I’d forgotten she thought, how stupid and obsessive I can be. I’m not quite sure I want to go back there, to that heart pounding, wardrobe despairing, self conscious, shy aggressive person I was so many years ago. I’d forgotten do I eat more when I’m in love, or lose my appetite. If I eat more, is it healthy food or greasy onion rings from Angels? If I lose my appetite will I get sick or anemic or look like an escapee from the holocaust, or will I look like I’m 18 again, wearing midriff baring tops and dolphin shorts, everywhere. I’d forgotten that my cell phone has a shitty voicemail that loses calls and muffles people’s voices so they become a bunch of gibberish. I am dreading the hours I’ll waste staring at it, willing it to ring, or listening to a message over and over. Is it my mother or him? Is it my dentist or a telemarketer trying to scam me out of cash? I’d forgotten that I was no longer wrinkle free and now resembled the Painted Desert more than Las Vegas-0 stretch mar