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Sundays and Jesus, Rev 1

Sundays always disappear too quickly.   You sleep in, maybe just a half hour, take your time getting dressed and head out- with or without the dogs.   Sunday mornings involved lattes and muffin crumbs in the car, a bit of grocery shopping and maybe breakfast. When I was younger I went to church on Sundays, or rather passed through Sunday school on the way to Winchell’s Donuts with the boys, leaving an empty classroom for Jesus to stretch out in.   We’d buy a grape juice and pretend it was wine, a faux communion.   I was grounded from the youth group because I always took off.   I wasn’t doing anything daring at all. I was just bored. In those days they tried to pretend we were in a coffee house instead of a church, the days before self realization. Some of our leaders tried out things on us, that I think they read about in a book.   Unqualified but confident they were doing the Lord’s work.   Guitars- acoustic of course- were always present.   Walls painted black, with the Bible stuf

Tropical Breeze Rev 1

I ’ve lived in the islands for twenty years.   I moved here after my fourth husband beat the crap out of me and I had to leave town.   It’s so bloody humid here during part of the year that when I’m off work I usually hang out in my room- modestly covered by a pair of Costco ladies briefs in a bag, and lying directly in front of a fan, drinking something cold or with ice in it. I live in a big old house with 7 other random travelers.   I’ve been in this place for 6 months after the old house in Kakio Point was condemned.   All the houses on this side of the island are weather beaten with windows painted open and gaps in the walls.   I am used to the feel of tiny mice holding a grand prix in the middle of the night, my belly the first bridge in the course.   I work at the Tiki Lounge near Kalauea Iki; during the tourist months I make good tips and sometimes bring a big spender home for a few hours so I can pay the rent.   I’ve lived on the beach before when the money ran out.   It’s n