Bored Rev 1


The bubble deflated, attaching itself to my left ear sagging from the tip of my nose to my chin.

I reached up, using my pinky cocaine nail to pick at my ear, detaching the pink blob from its perch and returning it to the center of my tongue.  I looked around; no one even looked up and prepared for a second try.

There we go slow massage those lips together let the air seep into that sticky gummy mess and float unanchored into the air like a soap bubble. 

Oh shit, pooooooppppp, this one collapsed even sooner and even more quietly despite its size.  I should’ve kept- my head up, tied my hair back, and moved behind the stacks so the librarian wouldn’t see me.  Holding the book in front to hide the bubble was a bad idea, in retrospect and now I’ve got to get it outside, or have to pay for damaging it with my gum. 

It’s all over page 48 and it will stick to 49 the minute I closed the cover. And it'll leave a gap visible to everyone, especially the volunteers that restock the shelves.  Oh someone must have turned a page down.  Oh no- some idiot stuck a wad of gum in this book.

To be continued.

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