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The Journey Begins 2012 Part 1 Rev 1

Caravane du Livre 2012 My path to this journey began in 2004.   I was on my way to work in San Diego, California on a commuter train “The Coaster”.   I had noticed a girl sitting in the same car as I normally sit, and as many of us do, we smile hello each afternoon at each other.   On this day, it was crowded, and I selected a seat across from this girl.   She told me her name was Jamila, and she was a traveling bookseller from Marrakech.   She was here studying English, and today was her final day before she returned home.   She told me about her book project, and as she departed the train she handed me her name on a piece of paper and said “Google me”.   In the days or months ahead, I did just that.   I found many articles about her in many languages.   I looked at her website, I told my friends about my encounter with a girl from Morocco.   I had lived in Sydney Australia from 89-94.   One of my boyfriends during this period was a Moroccan man named Omar who was a wonder