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Sacred Cows Rev 1

Again I spot a whole herd of them rolling up from behind, approaching the intersection of two busy roads at full speed.   The alpha male yells rolling, and the group shoots through the red light barely missed by a woman in a car trying to obey the traffic laws. I’m sick of the arrogance of bike riders.   I’m not going to call them anything else.   Anything more sophisticated.   How can the guys look in the mirror in those little tight pants and stupid shirts advertising some brand?   Did they pay for that?   And watching them walk when they manage to detach from the bikes, little mincing steps, a funny gait, funnier even than my halting limp when my hip is acting up. You hear complaints all the time from these guys.   I know there are girls too, but most of what I see is guys or girls with too much testosterone who wants to be boys.   That asshole, they say, opened his car door right in front of me, almost nailed me.   No, I wasn’t in the bike lane; I don’t have to stay in the b