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The Rite Aid near my house has a new banner.  The garden section didn't work.  No one was ever out there, people probably stole stuff, half of it wasn't marked, and the plants they offered were never that great in the first place, definitely not worth trying to find an employee to find out how much it was. The new banner says "Check out our new expanded wine section".  I knew they sold wine, have always thought it was bizarre that a drug store sold wine, but now it seems every store is trying to sell everything, and in my view, that's shooting yourself in the foot. With the move towards farmer's market, and locally grown food, why would you buy groceries at Target or WalMart?  For that matter, why would you buy produce at a supermarket?  The variety maybe?  But if it isn't in season, it came a long way on a truck to get here.  And food in a gas station?  I'm still trying to get my head around that one.  It's not like it is your only choice. A


Listen when I say we have nothing in common Listen when I say we are not a fit Don't play to my nicer nature It will eventually turn mean When I get tired of the guilt of trying to be nice. Let's shake hands and walk back to our corners. Get out of the ring, and find a new partner. Someone who perhaps isn't an identical twin but has the same basic values. Time is precious. That is the most important thing I could say to someone younger. That and travel is addicting. Get out of your box. Try not to call people names. Try not to ruin people's days. But be true to yourself, always. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Not an original thought, but worth repeating, reminding. Listen, I never hide my thoughts, just try to cloak them in manners. I don't want to smother anyone. I don't want to tell a friend, don't talk about that stuff around me. I don't want to say, I have no interest in an hour long, or even a half hour long politi