The Rite Aid near my house has a new banner.  The garden section didn't work.  No one was ever out there, people probably stole stuff, half of it wasn't marked, and the plants they offered were never that great in the first place, definitely not worth trying to find an employee to find out how much it was.

The new banner says "Check out our new expanded wine section".  I knew they sold wine, have always thought it was bizarre that a drug store sold wine, but now it seems every store is trying to sell everything, and in my view, that's shooting yourself in the foot.

With the move towards farmer's market, and locally grown food, why would you buy groceries at Target or WalMart?  For that matter, why would you buy produce at a supermarket?  The variety maybe?  But if it isn't in season, it came a long way on a truck to get here.  And food in a gas station?  I'm still trying to get my head around that one.  It's not like it is your only choice.

A chef friend posted an article from somewhere that told the story of a yam from a supermarket that wouldn't "sprout" when you stuck it in water, suspended in a glass jar by strategically placed toothpicks.  We always did that with potatoes when we were kids, it was fun to watch the vines grow out of that old brown potato (this was in the days before new potatoes existed- at least in my family).  That yam just sat there, not a nubbin, not a root, definitely not a vine.  It's genetic character had eventually devolved to the point where the life was sucked out of it.

I've been studying the donors to the no on 37 campaign.  That's the issue where food companies would have to indicate if they used ingredients that were genetically modified.  It's a horrifying idea that this stuff is in the food we eat and they are allowed to use it.  It pisses me off.

Kashi.  Why would Kashi support a campaign like this with financial contributions.  Before I posted this I'm went to their site to see what they say. http://www.kashi.com/ourcommitment
Wow. It's the Kashi Go Lean cereal I've been buying, for years now.  All those other ones were too sweet for me.  The commitment is disappointing, and was written by the HR dept, the attorney and a PR firm.  Authentic, heartfelt....not.

I really don't know what I'd do if it were my company.  I have nothing against Kashi personally or Kelloggs- if people will eat stuff they aren't sure about, then companies will sell it.  I just would like to have the choice - and to not have to search for the information that is important to me, that companies of this size have been aware of for quite some time, and yet continued to promote themselves as "healthy" "natural" (in what universe). 

All of this is just an opinion.  My personal opinion.  This doesn't mean that it's valid, that I have done significant research on the subject, or that anything I've read or overheard is really true.  I recognize that, but do you?  Something to think about.

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