Electronic Messages from Work

Email,texting, instant messaging.  No one listens to voicemail anymore, and I don't either. 

I simply return the calls I get, and take care of it.

I am amazed at the number of people who have no clue about how to properly use electronic tools.  For example, sending an email to 75 people without using the BCC box to hide the long list of people.  Or seeing a post on something you want more info on, but instead of taking the time to ask the poster for more info, they hit reply all and send their "me too" message to the entire original group which creates another message notification for each of those people.

There are also the serial forwarders.  They think that everyone loves to see things they are interested in, or maybe they get points for the number of friends they contact via email or on facebook or whatever.  Please do not forward stuff to me, unless it is something you know that "I"  might be interested in.  Do not send me jokes, suggestions for supplements to purchase, or anything that requires a large download or a large file unless you ask first.  Or know that I am deleting it, without looking.

A more recent irritation is people who answer their work emails, or initiate work emails outside of business hours.  It can be 4am or midnight, they give little thought to the fact that someone else might be asleep, driving, handling a health emergency, or whatever.  I don't know about you, but when my boss sends me an email close to midnight I'm going to assume it's an emergency.  And when it's not, it keeps me up even later worrying about the "expectation" of a response.

I can say, however, that the bad habits of others have inspired me to be more considerate of my peers and/or subordinates.  I do not email something outside of business hours unless i preface it on the subject line (don't read until Monday).or something to indicate "it can wait."

That is however, unless I am given the instruction to do so by MY boss.  I wish I didn't feel that I had to cover my behind, but I have hard evidence I do.  I do however wish to pass on my plea to anyone who actually read through this entire diatribe....please respect my time outside and inside of working hours. 

If it's an emergency, call me. 


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