Invisible Garage Sales

This morning, at the crack of dawn, I was headed for my weekly "remember not to eat everything that comes into your reach" meeting.   I follow pretty much the same routine every Saturday morning.  Alarm goes off, find the lightest clothing possible for the weigh-in, put on my flip flop crocs, quick look in the mirror, brush teeth, find my "activity monitor", pull out of the garage, get the dogs into the back of the car, prepare their breakfast, insert into crates, close the back hatch, hit the garage door "closer" and head for the freeway.  Get off 3 exits south, make a left at the stop sign, make a left at the second signal along the frontage road, make a right at the first street swinging way over into the incoming traffic lane so i can manuever into Quick Fix in Encinitas for a cuppa. 

Today, doors open wide, but no one there to make coffee.  bummer.  I wait 3 seconds (i'm already running late for the weigh in line and hate to get stuck standing in a queue for a half hour) and pull back onto the frontage road, left at the signal , pass by the place where they sell flowers under a pop up on the south side, then hit the red light approaching SDA. 

Across the intersection, on the south side, there is an empty lot.  I've often wondered who owns this, and why no one has ever built anything on it, as far as I can remember.  There are always signs for garage sales, plant sales, poinsettia sales, christmas tree sales planted there, and a couple of cars are ususally parked adjacent to or along the curb line with obvious sale signs.    I've never seen it full of weeds or trash, so someone must maintain it. 

I've begun to notice that there are usually some people selling stuff on the lot.  Not commercial stuff, things that are pretty well worn, clothing and all sorts of random stuff, obviously used.  Today there were two tables, with a lady sitting on a chair behind them.  A string was tied between the two tables and what looked like kids clothes on hangers drooped towards the blanket placed underneath them- a bit of protection from the bare earth. 

There were 5 men standing there, chatting with the woman.  And oh,  by the way, no garage in sight.


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