What I didn't notice

I'm back. I think.
I'm starting to notice things around me again.  Perhaps it was the vacation, boredom, uncertainty, whatever.

The amazing man at the trolley station.  African American, white pants, black long sleeved dress shirt with white silk trim, black tie, white hat with black band.  I wanted to take a picture but that would have been rude I think.  So glad I looked up from my book.

A whole new group of whomeless (yes, that w is there for a reason, however obscure) on my walking route.  Friendly nonetheless.  3 black guys with grins asking me how tall I am, telling me I'm a fine woman.  The pregnant girl, always smiling next to her cart.  Good Morning I say.

I've been reading.  All sorts of interesting things.  Right now it's Dreaming in Hindi.  Besides just being an interesting glimpse into someone elses mind, it has some really thought provoking ideas/facts about the mind, and learning a new language through imersion in a culture.  The good and the bad.  Also reading Dancing with the Wu Li Masters , the dummys guide to physics. 

It's sunny outside, glorious actually.  The farmer's market run brought me beautiful kale, arugula and red leaf lettuce, a white eggplant , some green beans and a few tomatoes.  I've become addicted to the greens guys produce.  I finally asked them today what other markets they do,  because the Ecke/Leucadia market on Saturdays is a parking nightmare, and I can't always make it there an hour early just to find a spot.  Encinitas Wednesdays, Vista Saturdays.  Good to know.

All my laundry is done, going to start today by vacuuming the floor then wiping it down with water.  The laminate is beautiful, but I have a drooling dog so there are always spots on it.  Maybe I put a mask on the dog so the floor stays pristine?  Probably not.

Took a road trip to Del Dios yesterday. Used my memory to go off RSF Road then up the Norte road to Del Dios Highway.  Picked up a piece of art glass from my friend Garry at The Glass Ranch and chatted for a moment.  Saw the Hydra sculpture live-  pictures just don't do it justice. 

Drinking my Dry Cucumber soda with some mint and basil.  It's so good.  Blew through an entire container of hummus yesterday, along with some Mary's Gone Crackers!  The small container, not the Costco sized!

Noticed that the CoinStar machines now don't take a cut of your money when you use it.  I guess I can stop rolling coins -  (i'm probably the only person in the universe that does this-  I hate change.

Hey, today i may even start waxing my kitchen cabinets.  They need it as much as the floor.  Wish I could afford a cleaner. :)


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