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Back from Break- (My Second Life (or Third, or Fourth, or ?)

Wow.  How many years have passed since I posted last?  The time goes by so quickly.  Guess the job just took it out of me, but I'm getting ready to fly again.  This year I've joined multiple writing groups and as is my habit, way too many to keep up with.  I have that writers insecurity and haven't really begun to work on anything new, mostly just short prompt writing and fooling around with things I began a few years ago.  So the many groups just added less writing time to my newly uncluttered life. But a few weeks ago, I bid farewell to some of my new starts, and am focusing on writing and learning about structure, and the business of writing.  It's time to move on, as of today August 31, 2015. The beginning of my recent reinvention: Back in 1999 I took the CBEST (California Basic Education Skills Test).  Passing the test is a minimum requirement for teachers in my state, and I took it "just in case."  Last year, before my job of a decade and a half ended