Monday August 1

To remind you, it is 8/5 in late afternoon and I am trying to reconstruct the last few days.

I woke up (this I know for sure) on Monday August 1st and decided to update this blog about my day yesterday.  I had taken my computer and my phone out of my shoulder messenger bag last night so I thought I was all set.  This bag was very cool, I bought it a few days before I left at REI with a 20% off coupon.  It was just the right size for my phone, money, some toiletries, and had hidden pocket for my passport etc.  On the front flap itself and on the body of the bag is Velcro strip and clasps .  This makes the bag doubly secure because the Velcro makes a loud noise when you open it. 

It was about 7:30am and my friends were sound asleep, and our hostess, the darling young 32 year old Leonie were still sound asleep.  I did not remember last night to get my glasses out of the bag, so I was unable to retrieve them without ripping open the Velcro and making a loud noise, so I got up, got a cup of coffee, took a shower, and then waited quietly for them to wake up. Leonie was first awake and she ran out to buy croissants for our breakfast. 

After breakfast we got in the car and drove to Quintaine to visit a wine cave.  When we arrived we found it was closed for vacation, so we drove some more finally stopping at Jean Pierre Michel Vineyard.  We went in, and the husband was involved with some customers so he find his wife who joins us for the tasting.  We tasted 3 wines, and then be bought some wine.  We were there an hour or so with the tasting and talking to the wife, and then the husband when he finished with customers.  One of those customers was a local chef, and he overheard us asking where to have lunch and he recommended his restaurant in a nearby village.  The owners of this winery have one section of the vineyard with 140 year old vines.  They are very concerned with making quality wines in small production.  His brother also has nearby vineyard with the same name on label, except this brother is Jean Pierre that we are speaking to.  He tells us his brother is more concerned with quantity than quality, so if we buy the wine, be sure to buy the one with his name. 

We returned to the car and drove to Macon where we had our lunch at the Rendevous des Halles- the restaurant the chef had told us about.  We had a wonderful pavette of beef, some good appetizer that I didn't take a picture of so I can't remember, and a delicious chocolate tarte dessert with Chantilly cream.  and wine of course. 

We returned to the car and drove through beautiful countryside Berze le Chatel, Sologny, and Sainte Cecile on our way to Cluny, a monastery and medieval town that has been restored.  We parked the car and walked around there for perhaps an hour or so, exploring the passageways and looking at the buildings.  Then back in the car to Duboeuf en Beaujolais in Romaneche Thorins.  It had a museum, and a tour but it was too long so we just looked around and went into the wine shop and bought a couple of local wines to taste later.  Returning to the car we headed down the road and stopped at St, Jean d'Ardieres to pick up some charcuterie for dinner, and then we had a Perrier in the terrace before we continued our way back to Leonie's apartment in Lyon to taste the cheese, wine and charcuterie we had bought. I think we went to sleep about midnight.


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