Saturday August 13

So we (Anne & I) woke up this morning, and decided to go up to the top of a volcano, the Puy Dome this morning.  We had some coffee and breakfast, and were on the road.  It took about a half hour to get to the parking lot, and it was already filling up.  There is a train/tram that circles the mountain all the way to the top.  It has only been open a year or so, and is a beautiful ride.  Once we got to the top, we got out and took a walk around, watching people take off in hang gliders, and just looking at the amazing views from that vantage point. We stayed up there I think for about 2 hours, then went and got a drink (and I got an ice cream cone).

We took the tram back down to the bottom of the volcano, and then tried to find the car.  Neither of us were paying attention when we parked, and we guessed which row we were in, unsuccessfully. It was pretty hot, and the parking lot was not paved, just had gravel so it was a pain to walk on.  We split up and I couldn't see Anne for some time, so I started walking down the second row (we had started on the 3rd row).  In a few minutes I found it, just as Anne was returning to where she left me on the 3rd row.  So we got out of there, lol.  Anne realized she didn't know her license plate number during this search.

We then headed to Ikea to buy some sheets for Ewan's new bedroom.  We really needed the sheets because Anne's friend Carol was going to be spending the night tonight and there were no sheets for the bed in Mateo's old room.  We managed to make it in and out of there pretty quickly, also adding a box of cookies with chocolate in the middle that reminded me of a cookie I like at home, except this one was a Costco sized box.

We got home and finished off the leftover sausages etc from the night before, and before long Didier got home.  He was really tired, late night with Leonie and the boys and then too much coffee so he couldn't sleep.  He went to take a nap finally and Anne and I both finally decided that was a good idea so we all took short naps.

Carole showed up around 6:30pm and I remembered her from my visit 20 years ago.  We sat around and had apero of wine, cheese, some dip sort of thing, and bread.  Eventually it was time to go to the restaurant for dinner.  Anne had booked a reservation at a Creperie we had eaten at 20 years ago, and she told me she thought they were serving Truffade, the dish I had mentioned I loved back then, and was hoping to find this visit.  We started walking down the central square when Anne realized she had left her phone at home, so Didier went back to get it.  When he didn't reappear, Anne called him and he was taking the tram, so we stopped and waited for him, then continued into an old section of the city where the creperie was located.  We had a seat in the courtyard which was perfect. We all ordered Truffade and had a beer to start, and wine with our meal. It was excellent. 

When we were done, we began walking home and passed an apartment where Didier lived when he and Anne started dating.  They told stories of that time.  We continued the walk home, and went to sleep soon after our return to the apartment.  At least I did.  I left Anne and Carole in the living room, and I think Didier hit the sack before me.


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