Thursday August 11

This morning we all got up and packed to go to Clermont Ferrand where my friends are living. We had a bite to eat, and then helped Didier fit a desk into his car, and we headed to their apartment in separate cars.  Anne and I stopped by the supermarket and did some shopping for her oldest son Mateo who is moving away from home, in with some friends, today.  I bought some soap for my trip to Bordeaux and San Sebastian, as most of the airbnb's I've stayed in over here do not provide it. 

We got to their apartment and Didier was there.  Mateo and his friends had moved most of the stuff to his new place, but there were still a few things to go.  We loaded up both cars and drove over to the new apartment.  The father of one roommate was helping the kids take stuff way up many stairs, so fortunately Anne and I took off and took a little walk around the neighborhood, stopping at a little café for a beer.  It was pretty hot today.  We came back to Mateo's new place and found our way into the building and up to their apartment.  There were about 16 kids and parents there and they were celebrating their move with champagne and potato chips. 

Eventually we went back to the apartment and had apero of wine and cheese I think. Both their boys came by to get some stuff and hung out for a moment.  Then they took off to go to Mateo's apartment and help get him set up, and help the roommates get settled.  They won't have electricity until Tuesday so they will be using candles tonite.

We hung around the house for a couple of hours, checking social media, we both might have taken a nap, I'm really not sure.  Then it was time for dinner, and we left the apartment and walked a few blocks to a hamburger place where the boys were already waiting.  I had a volcano burger with chorizo and cheese and fried potatoes with cheese sauce and a beer.  After we ate, we all went back to the apartment and Mateo pointed out little graffiti things he had left with a new pen at 3am with one of his friends, including my favorite 3 canards with pictures of 3 ducks.

The boys came in for a few minutes, then went home.  Didier and Anne watched them leave out the window.  Big change for the entire family today.  I think the three of us went to bed pretty early tonite.  That is the problem with trying to go back in time since I didn't take notes. LOL.


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