Thursday August 4

This morning began as the others.  I was up first, took my shower and coffee, then repacked my suitcase and bags as we were moving on today, headed for their country home in a small village /place called Villeneuve.  We had our croissant breakfast then headed out of Lyon around 10:45am. Today our first destination was a small village called Malleval - a medieval village on top of a mountain with vineyards.  We were running a little late as we knew that they were closing around noon but we arrived at 11:45 and they were happy to see us and did not rush us at all.  We tried several wines, I'm guessing around 6 although Anne stopped before Didier and I did.  There was a couple there with a private guide from Melbourne Australia so we did chat with them briefly and the man said "Good Day Mate" to me as we left. 

We headed down the hill to a restaurant called Le Reche du Rilat which was attached to what I think was the only lodging in the village.  It was almost one and time for lunch.  We had the pre-fixe lunch and my first course was a garden salad with blue cheese toasts, entrée was chicken breast in a red wine sauce, mashed potatoes with garden veggies (corn, greenbeans) and a dessert of peach pie and a apricot sorbet.  Oh, and wine, yes more wine. We took some time and wandered around the buildings of this beautiful place.

About 4pm we left Malleval and began our journey to La Villeneuve.  It was some distance away, and not long after we reached the floor of the valley it started raining really hard, and that continued for some time, almost until we reached my friend's country home.  We arrived around 7:00pm and they  and chocolate.  We were all pretty tired so I'm thinking I went to bed around 10pm but oops, not sure.


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