Tuesday August 2, 2016

This morning I was prepared and had my glasses close by, so after taking a shower and making coffee, I sat down and looked at emails and face book on my phone.  By the time I finished, Leonie was up and out again to buy croissants for breakfast.  By the time she returned Anne & Didier had awoken and we all got ready for the day, ate breakfast and then talked for a while.

Didier was going to stay with Leonie this morning to help her buy curtains for her apartment and get the rod hung on the high windows in the living area and in her bedroom.  Anne and I headed out by foot and walked into the city of Lyon.  We first went to look for an engraver so that Leonie could get a christening gift engraved.  The holidays have begun in France and many places/businesses are closed for at least a month.  The first engraver was closed for the holidays, the second one on the same street was open but was not able to do the job.  Anne called Leonie and she said that we had gone to the wrong ones, so we walked a bit further and found it open.  While waiting at the second place an ambulance arrived and the paramedics were trying to get into a building, but no one was answering the door.  Anne and I talked about what would happen if you were old and had pushed the button on the "I'm fallen and I can't get up" device, but their are no laws in
France that say locks have to be accessible by emergency personnel.  They did eventually get in through a shop next door, but we do not know what happened to the person who needed help.

After the business was taken care of, we found a place to have coffee in the shade.  It was already very hot. We walked across the river bridge and into a passageway.  We made a left turn and went inside a beautiful cathedral and walked around looking at the stained glass windows.  There is a clock that is based on astrology that is supposed to chime at 4pm in the afternoon and figures move like a Swiss clock, so we will try to return.

We left the church and walked around looking for the secret passageways or open doors in the old city that we could explore.  We found several and took pictures.  The last one terminated in an open courtyard and on our way out we visited an art gallery with an open door in the passage way.  We looked in shop windows and then made our way close to the place where Didier will meet us for lunch.  He was delayed so we went back over by the bridge and sat on a bench for a few minutes until he arrived and we walked back to go to lunch. 

The Le Laurencin Bouchons Lyonnais café is small and serves traditional food.  They both ordered the poached egg in red wine sauce (Oeuf meurette) . Since I don't really like eggs that are not omelets or scrambled, I ordered a salad with goat cheese encased in chou pastry (Duo de chevre chaud en salade).  I did taste the wine sauce and it was a hearty sauce with pork in it, and I probably would have been able to hide the egg in the sauce and enjoy it, but maybe not. For my main course I had Saucisson chaud sauce Beaujolais et pommes vapeur (sausage with boiled potatoes). Didier and Anne ordered a special of the day- the lamb.  For dessert Didier ordered fromage blanc a la crème and Anne and I both ordered the Profiteroles au chocolate. And wine. We had a red and a white.  Oh an appetizer of fried pork skin (chiccarones- sp).

After lunch (around 4pm) we took the funicular up the hill to Saint Just-Saint Irenee- Fourviere Cathedral which overlooks the whole of Lyon with breathtaking views.  To our left was the tower they call Le petit Eiffel and my friend thinks it was built/designed by the same architect as the Tour Eiffel. We then went back down the hill and back to the car, then drove back to Leonie's apartment in the old silk weaving factory.

It was time for the afternoon apero, so we shared, once again, wine, cheese, bread, charcuterie.  Then we put up the ladder and helped Didier install the curtain rod in the living room along with the sheers and the curtains- all from Ikea.

Leonie hadn't had much to eat today, so Anne made a casserole of pommes de terre (potatoes, and some of the comte left over, and a salad, and more wine.

I don't know what time it was, probably near midnight, and we all went to sleep.  Tonight Leonie took her friend to the airport, and she was going to stay at their house, so I got to sleep in a real bed in her bedroom which was very comfortable and I slept well. Paris was very hot and humid and Lyon has been the same so it was nice not to have to wear my nightgown to bed since I was in a bedroom with a door.

Good night!



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