Wednesday August 10

Awaking this morning, we headed out relatively early after our showers and breakfast of bread, jam, juice and coffee.  We had a reservation for 1:30 at Le Cercle- a Michelin 1 star restaurant 2016 in Bourge. We arrived in the city around 12:30 and found a place to park near the cathedrale after locating Le Cercle which was nearby but not on a retail street. We got out and walked around this beautiful city until it was time to return to the car and head for Le Cercle.  We parked the car and took some pictures of the restaurant from the street, then into the courtyard and through the front door into the restaurant.  We had booked a table on the terrace, and we shortly seated.

The server provided us with menus and we decided on the Le Certcle Goumand at $55 euros each before wine and coffee. We ordered the Chateldoc 1650- mineral water to start.  The server brought out the amuse bouche, /There were 3 items - a cherry tomato with a tomato basil cream inside, a cracker with a fish mousse and I think duck with an eggplant crisp,  I encourage you to click on the link for flickr photos to see the picture for this day.  I am trying to put the photos in album by days to make it easier to match up.

The sommelier came out and suggested that we order a bottle of white wine Quincy Chaumoux - a cave who had just had their 80th anniversary.  Since today we are returning to the country town in Viellenueve we didn't want to drink too much at lunch and be sleepy for the drive.

The menu explains that for each dish we order:  starter.entree.dessert we will also be offered a second recipe dish using similar ingredients. This does not include all of the transitional treats between these three courses.
For starter I had the Beef, Anne the Salmon, and Didier the Foie Gras.  You have to see the pics to see how beautiful the presentation, and the taste of all did not disappoint
Then we were served the second starter which uses similar ingredients to the starter but a different recipe.  You will have to look at the pictures and guess, since these courses are not described on the menu.  Needless to say every bite was awesome.
For our entrees I selected Le cochon fermier, Anne the La Lotte and Didier the Le ris de veau  These are all described on the menu in English.
We all shared bites so that we could taste everything.  We were all in heaven.
Then came the second recipe for the entrée, using similar ingredients. The second course of the entrée was smaller, but just as good.  It was very creative and interesting to do a tasting this way.
Then we selected our desserts, but I will have to describe when I can look at the photos  in flickr and download again onto my phone because it is too difficult without a connection.  So we had 2 desserts each - one of each on the menu, and then the second recipe.  Then we ordered coffee, and had another transitional treat before the coffee arrived with more little sweets to accompany.  I will describe these later.

We eventually left the restaurant after maybe 3 hours or so, and headed on our way back to their country home La Viellenueve.  Didier took a nap in the back seat, and Anne drove.  I nodded off for a while on the ride (it was the wine, I think) and eventually we reached the house and brought our luggage inside as we will stay here for the night.


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